Understand Spiritual Essence of Astrology to Create Your Destiny

Understand Spiritual Essence of Astrology to Create Your Destiny


Do you want to design your destiny but don’t know how? Are you aware of the close connection between astrology and spirituality that can completely transform your life? We are all familiar with the terms astrology and spirituality, but do we truly understand how they are connected? Once we grasp this basic concept, we won’t just wait for destiny; we’ll be able to create our own. This exploration is crucial for using our astrological readings to shape our destiny and is also beneficial for those skeptical about astrology, as I will demonstrate a simple way to influence your destiny even without knowledge of your astrological chart.

Everything is Energy

Understand Spiritual Essence of Astrology to Create Your Destiny

It’s important to understand that everything around us is made up of energy. This includes everything from people and objects to thoughts and professions. At its core, everything we see and experience is just different forms of energy.

For example, you, me, a stone, a BMW car, or even jobs like filmmaking or writing, are all forms of energy. According to science, energy changes and moves, and it can also attract similar energy. This means that if we want to achieve something, like a happy life or a successful career, we need to make sure our energy matches what we’re trying to attract.

By understanding that everything is energy, we can better navigate our lives and align our actions with our goals, making it easier to achieve the things we desire.

Planetary Positions and Their Energies

Planets possess specific energies based on their positions in our astrological chart. The amount and type of energy they impart to us also depends on our past life karmas. Understanding the influence of these planetary positions is crucial for anyone looking to grasp how celestial forces shape our lives.

Influence of Karma

Good karma can lead to benefits that might only manifest during certain periods of our lives, dictated by the alignment of celestial events and our own spiritual readiness. The timing of these manifestations often correlates with major or minor planetary cycles, which are thought to activate the latent energies within our karmic path.

Personal Experience

For example, I could feel the connect with the Universe since childhood, but my spiritual awakening fully emerged only when I reached a specific age. This phase in my life coincided with a profound astrological transition that seemed to unlock deeper layers of my spiritual consciousness. It felt as though my past experiences and karmic journey had prepared me for this awakening, allowing me to fully realize and live out my life’s purpose.

Similarly, if planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or the Sun are favorably positioned in your astrological chart, they can provide you with the energy needed to excel in specific fields at those times. Understanding these planetary positions serves as a practical guide, helping us recognize the energy we receive from the Universe, which is influenced by our past lives and many other factors.

Energy Levels in Modern Entertainment

It’s also worth noting why certain types of entertainment, particularly those considered ‘low level’ or less intellectually or spiritually stimulating, gain massive popularity in today’s society. This phenomenon can largely be attributed to the concept of energy resonance. The majority of people are vibrating at an energy level that aligns with these forms of entertainment, which often focus on immediate gratification, sensationalism, or escapism. Because their energy matches this frequency, they find such content more relatable and engaging.

This does not necessarily reflect a static state; rather, it highlights a current snapshot of societal energy levels. As individuals and societies evolve and shift their energies towards higher frequencies — perhaps valuing depth, insight, and spiritual growth — the popular forms of entertainment might also shift. Understanding this can empower us to choose the kinds of media and entertainment that not only entertain but also elevate our energy and contribute positively to our personal and collective growth.

Harnessing Energy Through Inner Voice

Understand Spiritual Essence of Astrology to Create Your Destiny

The universe guides us not just through planetary positions but also through our inner voice. Anyone mindful can discern what they need to do next, aligning with the path that maximizes energy benefits to fulfill life’s purpose.

My Personal Journey with Astrology

Initially, I knew nothing about astrology, often disregarding the occasional insights my mother shared. However, once I began to understand astrology and reviewed my own astrological chart or kundali, I realized that my plans were in sync with my astrological chart because I had been following my inner voice. This alignment has allowed me to benefit from my planetary positions effectively.

Creating Your Destiny: A Threefold Approach

  1. Astrological Insight: Know your planetary positions to understand when you are receiving the most energy for your endeavors.
  2. Inner Guidance: Follow your inner voice to align your actions with the universe’s nudge towards your most energetically supportive path.
  3. Meditative Lifestyle: Design a lifestyle that helps you to effortlessly go into a meditative state, providing access to cosmic energy beyond everyday needs. This enables you to harness additional energy for exceptional tasks and achievements.

Empowering Yourself Despite Astrological Challenges

Do not be discouraged by challenging aspects in your astrological chart or kundali. You can change your destiny through awareness. Being mindful and accessing sufficient cosmic energy can help protect and advance yourself despite unfavorable planetary positions.


You are the creator of your own destiny. The universe gives each one of us the opportunity to excel, regardless of our past life karma. With mindfulness and an understanding of how to access cosmic energy effectively, you can exceed expectations and achieve greatness in this life. That’s why I encourage everyone to gain a basic knowledge of astrology. This understanding allows you to harness the energies the universe has bestowed upon you and take action to channel cosmic energy into your life path. By doing so, you empower yourself to navigate your journey with greater awareness and intention, aligning your actions with the energies that propel you toward your highest potential.

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